Cathodic CGDE for the degradation of liquid ammonia solutions accepted for publication at Plasma Processes and Polymers

By | July 30, 2014
Anis Allagui, Nicolas Brazeau, Hussain Alawadhi, Fares Almomani, and Elena A. Baranova. Cathodic contact glow discharge electrolysis for the degradation of liquid ammonia solutions. Plasma Processes and Polymers, Accepted for Publication, 2014

Above a critical terminal voltage between a small cathode and a large anode, the electrolyte breakdown leads to contact glow discharge electrolysis. The process degrades ammonia in part by nitrification thanks to the powerful generated oxidizing species (OH·, O·, etc.), at 12% per hour with 0.28 mol/kW h energy efficiency, and following pseudo first-oder kinetics.