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Supercapacitor operates as smoothing capacitor and energy storage device at 50/60 Hz. Possible use of a supercapacitor in compact, low-energy UPS systems.

DC motor voltage (current load of 280mA) from a 50Hz power supply employing first a 2.2 mF electrolytic smoothing capacitor, and then replacing it by a 3 F, 2.7 V PowerStor supercapacitor (see circuit in inset), before and after the interruption of power supply (0 to 75 s). Ripple voltage is shown in the inset… Read More »

Cathodic CGDE for the degradation of liquid ammonia solutions accepted for publication at Plasma Processes and Polymers

Anis Allagui, Nicolas Brazeau, Hussain Alawadhi, Fares Almomani, and Elena A. Baranova. Cathodic contact glow discharge electrolysis for the degradation of liquid ammonia solutions. Plasma Processes and Polymers, Accepted for Publication, 2014 Above a critical terminal voltage between a small cathode and a large anode, the electrolyte breakdown leads to contact glow discharge electrolysis. The… Read More »